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Let Creativity Shine on Snow Days with Snow Painting

Winter weather is also a great time to get outside and play. Decorate the snow with snow paintings!

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5 Things to Do on a School Snow Day

Kids home from school because of a snow day? Here are great ways to keep them entertained!

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Winter Crafts for the Family

Winter is a time to snuggle up and enjoy some hot cocoa and quality family time. It can also be a time of hay fever and a lot of indoor play and crafting. To get… read more

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10 Fun Activities That Will Have Kids Wanting To Play Outside On A Snowy Day

Don’t let cold weather keep your kids hunkered down in the house when they could be outside enjoying a brisk winter day. Snow can make you feel chilly, but it is also a wonderful and versatile… read more

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Four Ways to Play with Snow

If the snow in your backyard or local park is getting a little boring, here are some fun snow ideas to make snow time fun time again: Take a spray bottle and fill it with… read more

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