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Surf the Asphalt with the Rollplay Wave Catcher

If you’re looking for a new way to get kids playing outside, the Wave Catcher from Rollplay just might do the trick!

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MorfBoard Is the Only Ride-on You’ll Ever Need

Let’s call this the Swiss Army knife of ride-ons. Minus the blades, of course. MorfBoard, from Jakks Pacific, is an innovative skate, scoot, bounce, and balance system that lets kids ages 8 and up enjoy an… read more

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Shred the Streets with Jakks Pacifics’ XPV Extreme Performance Skateboard

It’s time to kick things up a notch. With the new XPV Extreme Performance Skateboard, from Jakks Pacific, kids ages 8 and up can shred like the pros with a unique R/C that performs real… read more

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Razor’s Ripstik Is Now Electric (Boogie Woogie Woogie)

If a skateboard/snowboard hybrid wasn’t already enough of a twist on a more traditional ride-on, this definitely is. With Razor’s remote-controlled Ripstik Electric, tweens and teens ages 9 and up can enjoy a ride that… read more

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Skateboarding Mikey Is an R/C with a Twist

Fighting crime and eating pizza aren’t the only hobbies the Ninja Turtles have. Designed for TMNT-loving kids ages 4 and up, Jakks Pacific‘s XPV R/C Skateboarding Mikey gives young R/C enthusiasts the chance to shred… read more

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