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Julia’s Family Comes to Sesame Street During Autism Awareness Month

Julia’s family comes to Sesame Street!

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Sesame Street Premieres New Episodes Throughout March

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street, but season 49 still has a little ways to go. The iconic preschool series kicked off March with a new episode, “Mechanics in Space,” and will… read more

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Kids Love Elmo, and Elmo Loves Them Too!

Sesame Street’s longtime star, Elmo, is a giggly, sweet, friendly little red monster kids know and love. But best of all—Elmo loves kids back, and he can’t wait to tell them (over and over again!).… read more

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Sesame Workshop Celebrates 45 Years of Sesame Street with New Apps, Games, and More

Sesame Street turns 45 this year, and this past Tuesday, Sesame Workshop hosted a digital playground event in New York City to show off new apps, e-books, and other multimedia offerings for children age 5… read more

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