Dig Up Educational Gems with This STEM Kit

The new Discovery Galactic Fizzing Dig is full of gems to discover. This STEM learning kit, from Horizon Group, teaches kids about how gemstones are formed, and lets them uncover some of their own. Inside… read more


Conduct 10 fun chemistry experiments with this kit and household products. Make ordinary powders fizz and foam, and create a color-changing mixture, a rolling wave, a color-changing eruption, and more. Mix your own to see… read more

Motor Skills
Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence
School Readiness

Toy Fair Brings Science Kits to Little Kids

  Science kits are typically geared toward kids ages 8 and up. There have been plenty of logical reasons for this—for one thing, kids need to be able to read the manual to do the experiments;… read more