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Rainbocorns Sweet-Shake Surprise Is the Perfect Treat

New, sugary surprises await.

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Families Can Celebrate Favorite Foods … with Barbie!

Kids can reveal dolls inspired by favorite foods, such as donuts, pizza, tacos, popcorn, and more.

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Unwrap an Even Sweeter Friend with Cutetitos Fruititos

These animalitos just got even sweeter!

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Travel to the Land of Dough for Eco-Friendly Play Putty

The putty has sustainable packaging *and* glitter

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Collect New Squishy and Scented Bubble Trouble Dolls

The first wave of Bubble Trouble dolls will be available this spring.

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Stay Zen with Just My Style Sparkling Aroma Jewelry

Just My Style Sparkling Aroma Jewelry from Horizon Group lets you create custom jewelry pieces infused with essential oils.

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