Puzoodles are collectible animal/food mash-up characters kids can build with easy snap-together pieces. Each puzzle piece is packaged in a surprise blind bag, and includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Series one features eight Puzoodles to collect.

Motor Skills
Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence
School Readiness

The Puzoodles Party Is Here: June 29!

Get ready to puzzle your way into cuteness in our Puzoodles Twitter Party, sponsored by Blip Toys, on Friday, June 29 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EST. Join us for an hour full of fun, trivia,… read more

Have Oodles of Fun with Puzoodles Buildable Collectibles

Kids can use their noodles to build their Puzoodles. Puzoodles, from Blip Toys, are collectible mash-up animal/food characters kids can build using easy snap-together pieces. Each Puzoodles puzzle piece is packaged in a surprise blind… read more