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Fans Design New Squishables

Squishables has added two new faces to its collection of creative round plush. The additions are the first two fan-designed Squishables, Hyena and Werewolf. The new, fan-voted plush will join a variety of food- and… read more

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Mike and Sulley Get Cuddly

Mike, Sulley, and friends are ready to come home with your kids with the medium plush and smaller Beans plush versions of the Monsters University characters from Just Play LLC. The soft, cuddly characters are… read more

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Sweet Slumber

Get rid of the morning groggies with the perfect plush! The OK to Wake! Owl, from American Innovative, teaches children a regular sleep-wake cycle with its illuminating plush tummy. When it’s time for bed, the… read more

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Plush Pets

Give your child an extra special cuddle buddy. My Pet Blankie, from Fou Fou Dog, is a roll-up plush blanket that transforms into a plush toy for infants and children of all ages. The two-in-one… read more

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The Graduate’s Gift

Give grads something special to go with their diploma. The Graduation Brain Cell musical plush doll, from GIANTMICROBES, is a graduation gift for all ages. The Graduation Brain Cell is based on a microscopic image… read more

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The Toy Jungle

Turn your house into a jungle with Miyoni, a collection of jungle and domestic animals from Aurora. The plush line includes 72 realistic styles with huggable bodies made from quality materials and with attention to… read more

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