Caperons Flip from Food to Fun

Goal: $12,257 Funding period: March 15 Creator: Mona Stolle Perfect for mealtime and play time, Caperons work well for various occasions. From outdoor BBQ’s and cooking dinner to playing make-believe, these reversible capes/aprons are fun for the… read more

Doodle and Decorate with Madame Alexander’s Pixie Doodles

Typically, dolls allow kids to engage in some role-play fun and imaginative play. But Madame Alexander is bringing a new level of creativity into doll play, thanks to a partnership with Crayola. Cue Pixie Doodles Fairies, a design-your-own doll set that lets kids… read more

Winter Activities for Families

Winter is the perfect time for families to explore different activities they can do together. Just because its cold outside and the days are shorter, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy each other’s company! Finding things… read more

Teaching Toddlers to Share

Why is it that kids seem to do a better job of sharing at school than at home? What is different about school than at home? How can we teach our toddlers to share? Working… read more

Say the What?

Say the Word, a repeat-after-me memory game by Peaceable Kingdom will have friends and family members saying tons of silly sentences. This cooperative game—meaning players must work together instead of against each other in order… read more

Pop, Pop, Pop ‘Til You Drop

Toddlers seem to never run out of energy and Fat Brain Toys’ Teeter Popper is a toy designed to keep up with kids’ desire to play all day long. The Teeter Popper looks like a… read more