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Gross Toys Kids Will Love on NBC Dallas

Kids can’t get enough of these slimy, smelly, gross toys.

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Break Out Pimple Pete for Family Game Night

In this family-friendly game, players take turns popping pimples from Pete’s face while trying to avoid too much pressure. Warning: This game gets explosive.

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Top Toy Trend: Gettin’ Gross

Poop and farts and burps, oh my! This year, kids will have a blast with toys that stink—literally. There’s pimple popping, snot slurping, and toilet plunging, and we’re just getting started! These super silly toys,… read more

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Players take turns popping a loaded pimple on Pimple Pete’s face. Try to pop the correct spot on his face, but be careful not to use too much pressure, or the mega-zit will explode.

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