Coding Comes to Life with Augie the AR Robot

The future is now Augie. Augie Augmented Reality Robot, from Pai Technology, merges two popular trends in the toy aisles right now: coding and augmented reality (AR). The minibot is designed for preschool kids and… read more


Kids can learn how to conquer this puzzle cube using the Cube-tastic! app. The app shows a virtual copy of the cube, and users can learn to solve the puzzle with a customized, step-by-step tutorial.

Motor Skills
School Readiness
Smart Tech


This robot features augmented reality (AR), and teaches coding through creative play. Kids can code the robot to move, play AR games, and record their own funny sounds and movies.

Emotional and Social Intelligence
School Readiness
Smart Tech


Ocean Pets pairs augmented reality with creativity to turn every space into a virtual aquarium. Kids can use the special putty and ocean template to create their own pets, scan them, and see them come… read more