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OgoSport’s Aero Zipp Puts Extra Zip on Outdoor Play

Some toys just beg to be taken outside, and the Aero Zipp, from OgoSport, definitely falls into that category. It features a two-piece plastic “arm” with a handle on one end, and a claw on… read more

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OgoSport’s Copter Darts Are Oh, So Copter-vating!

Copter Darts from OgoSport is like a kinder, gentler version of bocce ball, a game that I played only once, on an elaborate court built inside a bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. That evening’s still… read more

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Djubi Is a Gem of an Outdoor Toy!

Though it’s only February, it’s never too late to look ahead to warmer weather. Building snow-persons and sledding is fun, but let’s face it, if you want to run around, toss a ball, etc., you’ll… read more

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Teach The Kids to Soar

The LiteHawk II Helicopter, from Lite-Hawk, includes a 3-D gyro stabilizer. This mini helicopter is easy to fly, even for beginners, and is suggested for ages 8 and up. The helicopter is capable of omni-directional… read more

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