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Give Kids Sweet Dreams with a My Little Pony Sleep Story Featuring Sofia Carson

Embark on a relaxing adventure with Princess Pipp Petals.

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Wind Down Your Kid’s Night with Sesame Street’s ‘Goodnight, World!’ Podcast

Kids can say goodnight with their favorite fuzzy friends.

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Inspire Mindfulness with Soothing Songs from the GoNoodle x Tonies Toniebox

Bring zen time to a whole new musical level.

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Barbie Inspires Kids to Relax and Meditate with Mindful App ‘Headspace’

The fashionable dolls partner with ‘Headspace’ to create a custom kids meditation program and wellness-inspired Barbies.

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Become a Yoga Guru with Yoga Spinner

Just like its name suggests, Yoga Spinner, from ThinkFun, helps spin kids into 54 yoga poses, training them to become flexible, focused, and firm in both body and mind. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the game… read more

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