Marvelous Musical Toys Live from Toy Fair 2018

Live from the Javits Center in New York City, it’s the Toy Insider at the North American International Toy Fair! In today’s segment, Toy Insider Senior Editors Marissa DiBartolo and Ali Mierzejewski jam out to the best new musical… read more

Inspire Future Careers Through Childhood Play

Kids can pretend to be doctors while dressing up in a white coat and giving check-ups to their dolls. They can imagine being race car drivers while spinning their Hot Wheels across the floor, or… read more

Mattel Debuts DOS, an UNO Companion Game

What comes after UNO? DOS! Mattel is set to release DOS, the companion game to the classic UNO card game. This is the first game in nearly 50 years from the brand. DOS, which will be… read more

Kid Toy Testers on KTTV–Los Angeles

The Toy Insider sent a big box of toys out to KTTV in Los Angeles, where the anchors brought in local kids to give their expert opinions on some of the year’s hottest toys. For… read more