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Create Fabulous Fashion Accessories with this Ultimate Knitting Station

Learn how to loom knit with this fun, colorful kit!

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Knit Love with #HatNotHate Campaign

Keep cozy for a cause!

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Sewing and Knitting Kits for Kids

The month of March always gets me excited because it’s National Craft Month! My love of crafting started at a young age with toys and kits. I can remember my first sewing introduction with my… read more

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Darn Yarn? More Like “Darn, I’m Out of Yarn”

Personally, I lived for arts and crafts as a kid (and I still do). My grandparents, who diligently babysat my sister and I every day until I was old enough to drive to their houses on my own,… read more

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Threadz Hooking Kits Put a Twist on an Old Classic

We all know that knitting is a total grandma activity. Sitting in one place, playing with string like a kitten without the promise of a functioning (or attractive) article of clothing in return is only… read more

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