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Learn the ways of the Force with this build-it-yourself, Bluetooth-connected motion sensor and creative coding experience that takes you on the journey from learner to master. Code, create, play, and share endless Star Wars adventures.

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Learn to Code: 5 Great Coding Toys for Kids

Coding can be for many different age groups. Here are five coding toys for kids to consider.

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AR and VR Bring a New Reality to Play

Once upon a time, toys coming to life was just a Disney•Pixar fantasy, but with apps like the new Untamed ARena and the newly announced My Smooshy Mushy,  kids can interact with virtual versions of their… read more

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Hot Holiday Toys on Mornings with Maria Bartiromo

Looking for a sneak peak of the year’s hottest toys for the holidays? Toy Insider Senior Editor Marissa DiBartolo stopped by Mornings with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business to talk about the toys that will be… read more

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Kids can build a wand and complete more than 70 wizarding challenges with Kano’s step-by-step coding software. The wand acts as a tool to create original art, music, apps, and games, all controlled with wand… read more

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Magic is Just a Sequence Away with the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

With a swish and a flick, kids can now code their own spells straight from the Wizarding World. Kano launches the first-ever Harry Potter STEM product, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, with the… read more

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