Tickle to Talk with Moji Mi

Aside from adding some playful zest to an otherwise dry text message, emojis give true value to cyber communication by adding personality to blasé texts and minimizing the risk of misinterpretation. In layman’s terms, emojis are ridiculous… read more

May the Fun Be With You…

We may be venturing over to the Dark Side for this one, but the only force at work here is good old fashioned fun. With Thinkway Toys’ new Darth Vader animatronic interactive figure, kids can… read more

Interactive Minions Figures Inspire Silly, Simple Fun

Ahem. BEE-DO! BEE-DO! BEE-DO! BEE-DO! Now that I have your attention… I’ve always enjoyed the Minions characters, especially their goofy, carefree attitude and indiscernible mess they call a language. Combined with their short statures and… read more

Play All Day Elmo Is a Kid’s New Best Friend

There are few characters that have managed to captured kids’ hearts and stay relevant throughout time. Almost every kid has grown up with Elmo, the little red monster that lives on Sesame Street, and after… read more

Toca Town Lets Kids Rule The World

If your kids enjoy being creative and adventurous, then the new interactive app, Toca Town by Toca Boca, is perfect for them. With no set game play, Toca Town is designed for preschool-aged kids, allowing… read more