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Little Live Pets Gives a Glowing Welcome to Sunny the Chameleon

It’s always Sunny in Little Live Pets world!

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Dig into Fun with Educational Insights’ Playfoam Pluffle Sensory Station

Smush, build, and mix the sparkly and soft Pluffle material!

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Build Interactive Summer Stories with Playmobil’s Aqua Water Park Set

Get ready to have some fun under the sun!

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Learn and Play with LeapFrog’s My First Learning Tablet

Curious kids always want to get their hands on adult tech. LeapFrog built a device built for them. Ideal for toddlers ages 1 to 3, LeapFrog’s My First Learning Tablet is a kid-tough tablet designed… read more

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Play Hide and Seek with Elmo

Oh no! Our favorite red monster is hiding and he wants us to find him. Elmo, hello? Where are you? Elmo’s World: Hide & Seek, from Identity Games, puts a twist on the classic childhood game.… read more

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Tiggly Shapes Teaches Little Ones Interactive Play in a Fun Way

It is never too early to start learning, and in our growing digital world, it’s never too early to start engaging little ones with new technologies. Kids early on should become acquainted with tablets, smartphones,… read more

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