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Osmo Introduces a New Kind of Tangible Play

Osmo is a gaming system for the iPad. Osmo consists of a Reflector, a Base, and three apps. By snapping the Reflector onto your iPad’s camera and placing it into the base, you can turn… read more

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Come One, Come All to the Doorway Puppet Show

On many occasions as a kid, I’ve converted large cardboard boxes that once held a refrigerator or dishwasher into the puppet theaters of my dreams. I’d Sharpie on the curtains, ask my mom to sew button… read more

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Rubie’s Dresses Up Playtime with Imagine by Rubie’s

Rubie’s Costume Co. is a go-to for Halloween fun. With the company’s new Imagine by Rubie’s line, kids can dress-up as their favorite characters 365 days of the year. That’s right—Rubie’s is bringing kids’ favorite brands… read more

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Fun with Chalk

One morning we traveled to cheer my brother in a road race. We brought a bucket of chalk to write encouraging messages on the road. As we waited for him to run by, my 3… read more

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Getting Back To Basics With Woman’s Day

Living in a tech-world, sometimes we forget that creativity and imagination can really go a long way. Sometimes it’s the basic toys that have little to no tech at all that will keep kids entertained… read more

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