Why Playing Together Makes a Difference

I am a toy guy. That is probably pretty obvious to you because you are reading The Toy Insider and probably went, “well, duh!” when I made that statement. The thing is, not every parent… read more

Going Rogue with Star Wars… Again

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This remote-control vehicle zooms on land and flies up to 200 feet in the air for the ultimate speed competition. Transform from ground mode to air mode with the push of a button.

Motor Skills
Social Interaction
Hot 20 Toy


This racing set includes two cars, controllers, and more than 16 feet of customizable track. Features smart cars that communicate with the track, three modes of gameplay, and three levels of difficulty. Race and play… read more

Motor Skills
Social Interaction

Stay On Track with Hot Wheels A.i.

Start your engines, Hot Wheels is going high tech. Hot Wheels AI, from Mattel, features a set of smart cars, two controllers, and 20 pieces of smart track, giving kids everything they need to race… read more

Hot Holiday Toys with the Toy Insider Mom!

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