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Build an Insect Robot with Antbo

If there’s ever going to be a robopocalypse, this is how it’ll start. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, DFRobot’s Antbo is a buildable and programmable insect robot that teaches kids about STEM education.… read more

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Far Out Bubbles Giant Bubble Kit Is Inexpensive Outdoor Play

Unbelievabubble! With Far Out Bubbles’ Giant Bubble Kit, kids ages 6 and up can enjoy outdoor play in the company of some really big bubbles. Included in the kit is one 18-inch bubble wand and… read more

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Toy Fair Exclusive Reveal: Why a Tiger Will Be Your Kids’ New BFF This Year

Trips to the zoo are about to become totally unnecessary: This year, Hasbro is bringing an adorable baby tiger to a playroom near you. Roarin’ Tyler, The Playful Tiger Pet is the latest addition to… read more

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Jellyfish Join Hexbug’s Smart Fish Tank

Hexbug is known for bringing kids robotic and aquatic pets, and one of its newest additions to the tank is the AquaBot Jellyfish. In our office, we’ve seen Angel Fish, Hammerhead Shark, and even Zombie… read more

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