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Discover the Power of Hope with Breyer’s Horse of the Year

This horse of hope is cantering into the hearts of homeless youth to bring awareness and change.

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Neigh-ver Leave Your Horses Behind with Breyer Wooden Stable Playsets

Kids can saddle up and take their horse figures anywhere!

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Get Glam with the Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Heads

Glam up your show pony with these new styling heads!

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Kids Can Customize Horse Manes with These New Styling Heads

Braid and style a long horse mane to your heart’s desire!

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Giddy Up with Kid Trax Rideamals Scout, Play & Ride Pony

Saddle up and grab your cowboy hat and boots, because it’s time to go on adventures with your new BFF. Like many young kids, my dream pet was a horse. Despite insisting to my parents… read more

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