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Prove Your Strength with Pie Face Sky High

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to test your strength! The threequel to Pie Face is here, and we am HERE FOR IT. Pie Face took the world by storm by going… read more

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Talk With Your Mouth Full with Watch Your Mouth Throwdown

Anyone who’s ever been told to watch his or her mouth knows that sometimes it’s hard to control what you say. But in Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition, by Buffalo Games, the more outrageous your… read more

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Pie Face Showdown Puts Fate In Your Hands

Just about a year ago, Hasbro‘s Pie Face went viral on the internet, with players all around the world taking turns placing their faces in a mask and closing their eyes (or wincing, in my… read more

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Selfie Morphs a Solo Activity into a Hilarious Party Game

Whether you are 12, 21—or, well, a bit older than that—snapping selfies is now a part of daily life. You know how it goes—hold out your smartphone, get your duck lips on, and click that… read more

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