Magic Feathers Shows the Wild Side of Game Night

It’s a jungle out there. HABA’s new Magic Feathers game enhances kids’ matching skills while letting them enjoying a creative new gamplay experience. In the game, two to five players must help the magic bird unite… read more


Kids can create endless story combinations with this 14-piece, double-sided wooden story block set. Entertain kids while preparing them for a lifetime of reading.

Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence
School Readiness


This flexible dinosaur head glove encourages role play and fun in the sand. Kids can bury the dino and excavate it, then wear it like a glove to dig in the sand. Its hinged jaw… read more

Bath Toys Make a Splash at Toy Fair 2015

This year, bathtime and playtime will become one and the same. Kids will no longer take pride in going days without bathing or purposely “forgetting” to wash behind their ears. In fact, judging from all… read more

Come One, Come All to the Doorway Puppet Show

On many occasions as a kid, I’ve converted large cardboard boxes that once held a refrigerator or dishwasher into the puppet theaters of my dreams. I’d Sharpie on the curtains, ask my mom to sew button… read more