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Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

Even though you may be home this Easter, these games and activities will make it fun!

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Fun Educational Toys on CBS Las Vegas

Looking for educational toys to keep kids entertained during their quarantine? We’ve got you covered.

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This kit contains everything kids need to complete more than 10 science experiences and art activities except for one ingredient: eggs. Kids can make their own dinosaur egg, create an egg shell geode, learn how… read more

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This science activity kit comes with everything kids need to complete organic chemical experiments and art activities, all kids need to add is sugar. Kids can make homemade candy, sugar-inspired soap, and more.

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Harness the power of the sun and heat up tasty treats with this solar oven science and art kit. Melt s’mores, make nachos, and even cook an egg, all while learning how solar energy and… read more

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Griddly Games Decides Who is the Unstoppable Force

Show Me the Kwan is a word game by Griddly Games that doesn’t require players to be great spellers. The definition of Kwan is to be the most extraordinary and an unstoppable force. To play… read more

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