IAmElemental Series 2/Wisdom Warriors

IAmElemental’s second series of female action figures features Oblivioun, Mastery, Exploration, Logic, Curiosity, Ingenuity, and Creativity. Each Lunchbox set includes all seven figures with accessories and shields, trading cards, a workbook full of activities, and… read more

Motor Skills
Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence

Top Toy Trend: Girl Power

Girls can do anything, whether they want to grow up to be engineers or fight crime as a superhero. Girls are calling for toys that meet their interests and passions, and toy companies are answering… read more

Little Sisters Unite! with Rebelle Star Shot

There is nothing more satisfying than blasting those little foam darts at your big brothers—especially after years of torment and Nerf blasters that just kept getting bigger (take it from the littlest sister herself). And… read more