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LEGO DUPLO My First Emotions Will Give Kids ALL the Feels

How does that make you feel? That’s what LEGO asks kids with one of its newest building sets, LEGO DUPLO My First Emotions. The set helps toddlers to understand different emotions. True to the LEGO DUPLO… read more

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Best of Toy Fair 2017: Toys that Promote Emotional Growth

What are you in the mood for? It may seem like a simple question, but for kids who struggle with emotional development, it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. After roaming the aisles at… read more

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MagicMeeMees Are Expressive New Collectibles

It can be tough for kids to explain how they are feeling—but that’s no problem for MagicMeeMees. A new interactive collectible line from Future of Play, MagicMeeMees are cute little plastic creatures that vibrate and light… read more

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Wonder Crew Redefines Guys and Dolls

You’re getting ready to head over to your nephew’s birthday party when you realize you forgot all about getting him a present (face, meet palm). The clock is ticking and you only have 20 minutes… read more

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Best of Toy Fair 2016: Toys That Have All the Feels

“But, how does that make you feel?” Toys aren’t all fun and games–they help kids learn important life skills, including enhancing their emotional intelligence. At this year’s North American International Toy Fair, products that emotionally stimulate children… read more

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Exploring Emotions: Books About Feelings

Whether you have an inquisitive toddler asking why a man at the grocery store is sad, or if you have a special needs preschooler needing assistance on reading emotions from friends’ expressions, books are a… read more

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