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Fun Backpack Accessories for Back To School

By now, kids in the U.S. are officially back to school—which means, they are probably armed with tons of new school supplies and awesome new backpacks. But that newness and excitement can wear off quickly! A… read more

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Shake Up Creativity with Etch A Sketch

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sometimes, the best toys in the playroom are the ones that are tried and true. The ones that parents played with themselves, and now, can watch their kids… read more

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Not Just Playthings: A Look at Artists Inspired by Kids’ Toys

For generations, toys have encouraged constructive and imaginative play in kids, positively sculpting young developing minds. Toys aren’t just fun and games for kids. They can also provide inspiration for creativity within adults. For some… read more

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Holiday Toy Ideas for Teens: Go Retro!

Once kids get to middle school and high school, they start realizing that holiday toys get more pricey, and the piles of less expensive presents shrink to a few more valuable gifts… along with the… read more

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