Jack-Jack Attacks Shows Off Incredible Powers

Raising toddlers can be tough, but imagine if your baby also had superpowers. Jack-Jack Attacks, from Jakks Pacific, brings the most adorable member of the Incredible family to life. Kids can press on Jack-Jack’s tummy… read more

A New LEGO The Incredibles Game Is Coming in June

Try to pull yourself together (and find your super suit!) among all of the action-packed excitement! An all-new LEGO The Incredibles game is coming based on both The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2, and we are SUPER excited for this… read more

Hot Holiday Toys: Parent Panel Picks 2017

Between the Hot 20, STEM 10, and Top Tech 12 top toy lists, The Toy Insider has selected amazing toys that will delight kids of all ages this year. From tigers to teddy bears, babies… read more


This collectible line takes Disney characters and reimagines them as sweet treats that kids can mix and match. Each D-Lectable separates into four interchangeable elements that snap back together. The collectibles come in blind bags,… read more

Motor Skills
Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence


Kids combine the puzzle experience with construction to create a 3-D castle featuring Disney Princesses, including Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, and Merida. The Easyclick technology and plastic pieces provide stability, with no glue required.

Motor Skills
Emotional and Social Intelligence