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Kids Can Fly a Helicopter and Extinguish Fires with This App

Vroom Vroom! If your kids are getting tired of racing their toy truck across the living room floor pretending it’s a mountainous road, treat them to a virtual experience. In fact, let them fly their… read more

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Have Fun with Colors and Learn Chinese Along the Way

If preschoolers aren’t running around like crazy, chances are they are (hopefully peacefully!) scribbling away with crayons. We know that coloring is a great creative outlet, but what if it could also help teach them a… read more

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Best of Toy Fair 2016: Big Play That Packs Up to Go

At the 113th North American International Toy Fair, big fun comes in small packages. Your busy summer lives are about to become way easier with companies offering up light, easy-to-carry, foldaway gear for on the go outdoor play.… read more

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Lego Joins Toys-to-Life Category with New Lego Dimensions

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, and The Lego Group announced Lego Dimensions, an entertainment experience that allows the Lego brand to enter the toys to life category by merging physical brick building with interactive… read more

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Osmo Introduces a New Kind of Tangible Play

Osmo is a gaming system for the iPad. Osmo consists of a Reflector, a Base, and three apps. By snapping the Reflector onto your iPad’s camera and placing it into the base, you can turn… read more

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Get Racing with New Angry Birds Go! Telepods

In case you’re a little behind on what’s new in digital play, Hasbro has revamped the crossover between physical and digital play with their new Telepods line. Using the included Telepods portal, kids can launch… read more

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