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Whip Up a Batch of Tasty Baked Treats with Baketivity’s New Duff Kits

Baketivity is bringing celebrity baker Duff Goldman into its mix of creative kits.

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Celebrate American Girl’s Birthday with the Original Dolls that Made History

Kids can grow in confidence and character with these historical heroines.

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Design Frosty Glittery Cupcakes With Sweetlings Sprinkle Shop

Desserts come and go, but dessert toys are here to stay. Cupcake decorating is a true art form, but what happens when your works of art get a bite taken out of them? Toy companies… read more

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Make Real Sweet Treats with Real Cooking

Passing your family’s recipes on to your kids is an important milestone, but cooking can be tough for kids. The Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set, from Skyrocket Toys, is about to make things a… read more

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