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Goodnight Coney Is Always Ready for Bedtime

This doll is your baby’s newest bedtime routine BFF.

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Reveal a Magical, Glittery World with Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged Houses

With new sparkling features, these new Cry Babies collectible dolls feature tons of magical surprises.

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Take Care of Kristal to Help Her Feel Better

Take care of Kristal to stop her from crying real tears and make her feel better.

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Unbox Cute with Cry Babies Magic Tears

Last year, the international hit Cry Babies arrived in the U.S., quickly finding plenty of love from kids of many ages. Since that time, the Cry Babies have come to YouTube, connecting with kids through… read more

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Great Toys for Under $50 on NBC Dallas

You don’t have to break the bank for these great holiday toys.

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These interactive baby dolls cry real tears and make real baby sounds. Kids can calm them down with a pacifier or by gently rocking them. They come dressed in changeable animal print onesies and are… read more

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