Kible Snapping Blocks Bring Array of Creations to Life

Goal: $80,000 Funding Period: Until July 29 Creator: Jason Brain Bringing your imagination’s creations to life will become even more accessible with the Kible omnidirectional snapping blocks. The 3-D pieces snap together both laterally and vertically, which gives… read more

Dough Universe Brings Electrifying Creations to Life

Goal: $50,000 Funding Period: Until July 5 Creator: Technology Will Save Us Moldable play dough could get an electrifying makeover with the Dough Universe Kickstarter campaign from Technology Will Save Us. The campaign features three make-it-yourself kits that… read more

Hug Loved Ones from Anywhere with Parihug

Goal: $30,000 Funding Period: Until May 16 Stretch Goal: $75,000-$100,000 Creator: Xyla Foxlin Parihug, or Pari, is a special stuffed animal that can connect people from anywhere in the world. When one Pari is hugged, another Pari… read more

MeArm Pi Allows Kids to Build Their Own Robot

Goal: $12,400 Funding Period: Until March 9, 2017 Creator: Mime Industries MeArm Pi, from Mime Industries, is a robot kit designed to teach people of all ages about technology, engineering, and programming. Made for kids ages 11… read more

Jackal Archipelago Takes Kids on a Treasure Hunt

Goal: $15,000 Funding Period: Until March 12 Creator: Mosigra Gold awaits for kids on Treasure Island in Jackal Archipelago. A board game for kids ages 6 and up, Jackal Archipelago is a strategic game with a pirate… read more

Turn Smartphones into Kids’ Cameras with Pixlplay

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: Feb. 8 to March 17 Stretch Goal: $50,000 Creator: Pixl Toys Pixlplay, from Pixl Toys, turns smartphones into a kids’ camera. Designed for ages 3 and up, Pixlplay is inspired by the classic 35… read more

Combine Drawing and Technology with FollowGrams Smart Projector

Goal: $20,000 Funding Period: Until March 17 Stretch Goal: $100,000 Creator: Tal Zilberman Kids can learn to draw with FollowGrams, a smart projector that combines creativity and technology. The projector, from Flycatcher, projects pictures, letters, and numbers in… read more

Add AI to Hexbug Spiders with bots_alive

Goal: $15,000 Funding Period: until Feb. 16, 2017 Stretch Goal: $50,000 Creator: Brad Knox bots_alive lets kids add personality to their Hexbug spiders using artificial intelligence (AI) with bots_alive. With the bots_alive kits, remote-controlled Hexbug spiders can turn into autonomous… read more

Adventure Awaits with Utopia Kid’s Forts

Goal: 15,000 Funding Period: until December 8th Creator: Utopia Now, kids can dive into the coral reef, travel to outer space, or even visit Santa’s Workshop with Utopia Kid’s Forts. Utopia Kid’s Forts is a colorful and versatile… read more

Make Writing Fun with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game

Goal: $22,000 Funding Period: Until on November 23 Creator: Story Club Games LLC Bring the power of storytelling through fun and witty world play and let your kid’s imagination run wild with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game.… read more