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Brightlings Are Plush BFFs with a Touch of Tech

Nowadays, it’s hard to walk into a toy store without marveling at the fact that half the toys in that store are smarter than you. With R/Cs, drones, tablets, and smartwatches that defy all odds,… read more

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Crayola Imaginables Bring Imaginary Friends to Life

Ever wish the creatures you dream up in your head could become a real, huggable friend? Crayola just made it possible. With Imaginables, a new part of Crayola’s My Way line, little artists can turn… read more

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Creative Plush Takes Toy Fair by Storm

  Plush is not just about stuffed teddies anymore. At North American International Toy Fair, there were dozens of companies with plush on display—ranging from traditional bears, to robotic plush, to artistic plush. Creative plush… read more

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