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Amp Up That Sidewalk Chalk Game With Crayola Spiral Art

Here’s something to chalk about: Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art is the new outdoor art set your kids will be pining to get their soon-to-be chalk-dusty hands on. This set includes six stencils, four pieces… read more

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Chalk Up Eye-Popping Designs with Neon 3D Washable Sidewalk Chalk

While pumpkin spice may be the epitome of fall, nothing screams “warm weather and sunny days” quite like the first sightings of chalk creations all over school yards, sidewalks, driveways, and every crevice in between.… read more

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Walkie Chalk is the Answer to Everyone’s Chalk-Related Prayers

Goal: $12,500 Funding Period: May 11, 2016 Creator: Walkie Chalk LLC Walkie Chalk, a new way to play with chalk, has officially launched on Kickstarter. This invention lets parents and grandparents get in on sidewalk… read more

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Walkie Chalk Will Solve Everyone’s Chalk Problems

Say goodbye to sore backs, scraped knees, and chalky hands. The solution to everyone’s chalk problems is now here. Walkie Chalk LLC introduces Walkie Chalk, a new way to play with a classic medium and… read more

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