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The Interactive ‘Curious Eye’ Book Helps Identify Color Blindness in Kids

This book tests kids’ abilities to identify colors through fun illustrations.

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Create a Colorful New Friend with Craft Rock Pets from Alex

Kids can paint a happy, little animal while giving parents a gift to display.

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Learn 6 Educational Uses for Summer Outdoor Toys

Get the kids outside and learning this summer with these educational games and toys!

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Family-Friendly Spring Travel Spots

There are so many spring adventures you can do with your family. Here are a few of our favorite springtime family trips.

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Watch Caterpillars Transform Into Butterflies With This DIY Set From Insect Lore

The process of metamorphosis is an interesting concept. It’s a Hilary Duff song. It’s the backbone of Eric Carle’s classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and it’s usually a worksheet, a chapter in a science textbook,… read more

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