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Build Up the Excitement for ‘LEGO Masters’ Season 2 with the Cast of the Show

Amy Corbett, Jamie Berard, and Nathan Sawaya talk contestants, demolitions, and inspiration.

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Change the World One Building Block at a Time With Once-Kids’ Playsets

These eco-friendly block kits and action figures will help kids learn, play, and protect the environment.

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Brik Ball Rolls Out the Marble Run Courses

Goal: $30,000 Funding Period: Until July 22 Stretch Goal: $50,000 Creator: Jolt Team Homes become roller coaster obstacle courses with Brik Ball, a marble run set compatible with major brick brands such as BRIK, LEGO, Mega Bloks, and KRE-O. Brik Ball… read more

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Ionix Shapeshifts the Construction Category

Construction toys are on the rise lately, with companies cranking out the same classic plastic brick in new sets for both boys and girls.  The standard rectangular, plastic, snap-together bricks have been around for years,… read more

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