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10 Games to Give for a Birthday Party Present

Here are ten games we recommend giving as a birthday party present.

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How Much Money Do You Spend on a Kid’s Birthday Gift?

Birthday parties: there’s one almost every weekend. My kids love when an invite comes home or we tell them we got an email about an upcoming party. Of course, we RSVP immediately, but then the… read more

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How to Choose a Great Gift for a Child You Don’t Know

We are headed into birthday season in our house! The invitations keep coming home from school. Yet, now that the kids are in grade school, I don’t know their school friends all that well. As… read more

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Birthday Party Presents Etiquette

School has started and so has the round of birthday party invites. We have birthday parties every weekend seemingly until Thanksgiving (including one for my son!) As you start your own birthday bash rounds, here… read more

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Birthday Presents for Crafty Kids

  Buying birthday gifts for your kids’ friends is always hard. Yet, imagine getting the birthday invitation and having the parent state they only want craft-related presents. Once I got over my panic (and when… read more

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