Each one of these micro-sized, squishy, soft, slow-rise foam stuffed animals is sweetly scented. With more than 50 to collect, Micro Squeezamals are sold in three packs with one packed blind for an added surprise.

Micro Squeezamals

Collect Pocket-Sized Squishy Plush with Micro Squeezamals

Micro Squeezamals are mini versions of Beverly Hill Teddy Bear Co.’s regular Squeezamals, super soft, squishy animals stuffed with slow-rise foam. The tiny scented animals come in a 3-pack with two animals showing and one that’s a surprise!

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This plush line includes the cast of Ryan’s World from Ryan’s Toys Review and Gus the Gummy Gator’s YouTube channels, including Red Titan, Baby Dino, and more. Comes in three sizes: clip-on, medium, and large.

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Kids can collect more than 20 of these super soft, squishy, slow-rise, foam-stuffed animals, each with its own sweet scent.

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Emotional and Social Intelligence


Shimmeez are glittery, shimmery, two-toned, sequined plush with a super soft feel and embroidered accents. The plush change color when kids swipe their hand across them.

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Emotional and Social Intelligence

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