Giddy Up with Barbie DreamHorse

Giddy up girl! Barbie just got a new horse and it’s pretty dreamy. Barbie DreamHorse, from Mattel, provides kids with their own a ranch-style Barbie as well as an animated, interactive, walking, and dancing (!!!) horse.… read more

Why Classic Play Is Here to Stay

Since we were kids, toys have long evolved from our Battleships sets and Pet Rocks. Now, as manufacturers dazzle us with all the newest gizmos, gadgets, and app-controlled toys—even Crayola has digital assets—it may seem… read more


This line of play sets features track pieces, mini dolls, and motorized ponies or vehicles to collect. The 3-inch Barbie has articulated joints so kids can place her in the vehicle or on the pony.… read more

Motor Skills
Emotional and Social Intelligence


Barbie DreamHorse walks and turns in circles, neighs, and eats carrots. It nods yes or no to questions, and nuzzles in response to kids’ touch. Kids can brush its hair while Barbie sits on top.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

Ken Dolls We Recognize IRL

There’s a new squad in Malibu, and they’re as diverse and stylish as ever. A familiar face is joining The New Barbie Crew: Ken. The Barbie Fashionistas line now includes 15 new Ken dolls featuring three body… read more

Club Chelsea is the Coolest Club in Town

Welcome to the club. Club Chelsea, that is. The new line of Barbie dolls from Just Play are the perfect contenders to be any kid’s new BFF. The Club Chelsea doll is a unique, fashion… read more