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13 Best Tech Toys at CES

Today’s generation of kids is evolving. They can download apps before they know how to ride a bike, and can text before they know how to walk. Technology is a tremendous part of a kid’s play while growing… read more

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The Virtuals Use Augmented Reality to Encourage Character Virtues in Kids

Goal: $24,000 CAD Funding Period: May 23, 2014-June 24, 2014 Creator: UnitedFamily UnitedFamily has created a new world of superheroes to help inspire kids to practice virtuous behavior, overcome challenges, and making the world a… read more

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The Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle

The Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle by Mattel is a kid’s dreamland, featuring fairytale-themed rooms for many of their favorite princesses. Forget a staircase…the dolls can just jump onto Rapunzel’s hair and spin their way… read more

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Ravensburger Augments Reality

Ravensburger adds two new puzzles to its augmented reality line of 1,000-piece puzzles for kids ages 10 and up. In Colorful Activity at Times Square puzzlers complete the puzzle in the traditional way. Then, via… read more

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Sesame Street Augmented Reality Is On Its Way!

Sesame Workshop is exploring augmented reality experiences for children by creating a play set that brings physical toys to life. This project explores the use of a tablet with a traditional play set, aiming to… read more

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Nintendo 3DS Preorders and Augmented Reality

Yesterday retailers such as and Game Stop began taking preorders for Nintendo‘s newest portable gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS. Retailing for $249.99, The Nintendo allows 3D gaming on a touch- LCD screen without the… read more

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