Create more than 20 bead art creations with more than 1,300 solid and jewel beads, a palette, a table tray, a rainbow pen, and multiple shape trays. The studio stacks with other Aquabeads cases for… read more

Motor Skills
Emotional and Social Intelligence

Shake Up Creativity with Etch A Sketch

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sometimes, the best toys in the playroom are the ones that are tried and true. The ones that parents played with themselves, and now, can watch their kids… read more

Kick Creativity into Gear with Spirograph Jr.

Calling all little aspiring artists with big imaginations! Parents will remember Spirograph from their own childhood, and with Kahootz Toys’ revamped line of Spirograph sets, adults can share all the gear spinning fun with their… read more

Sparkle and Shine with Crayola Jewel Maker

Nothing is cooler than making your own sparkly jewels, and Crayola is making that possible. The Crayola Jewel Maker is a fun, easy, and surprisingly mess-free craft kit that inspires shimmering creativity in kids. While combining… read more