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Kids can climb aboard this inflatable spaceship for indoor and outdoor play. The dashboard has great details to show the look of a genuine instrument panel and gauges for added play value. Kids can scan… read more

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Inspire Future Careers Through Childhood Play

Kids can pretend to be doctors while dressing up in a white coat and giving check-ups to their dolls. They can imagine being race car drivers while spinning their Hot Wheels across the floor, or… read more

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Space is the Place: A Return to Out-of-this-World Learning & Play

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago during the early 1980s, it seemed like “space” was everywhere. The UHF stations in Chicago were still airing a lot of sci-fi carryover from the ’50s, ’60s, and… read more

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This all-in-one rocket and launcher soars 120 feet high, whistling as it flies through the air. It’s completely kid-powered, so no batteries are needed.

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