Think Outside the Box with RiddleCube

Shapes fascinate children. The sheer magic of one shape transforming into another like robots in Transformers or wizards in Harry Potter sends kids’ imaginations into overdrive. RiddleCube, a game from Educational Insights, allows kids ages 8 and up to make as many as 200 shapes… read more

Kids Can Take Their Activity Out of This World

The ibitz PowerKey from GeoPalz is a small wireless family activity tracker, only 1.5 inches tall and 1-inch wide. The ibitz can be attached to the hip or shoe. The ibitz PowerKey for kids, and… read more

Breaking the Ice: Adult-Appropriate Party Games

Commentary by Marissa DiBartolo It’s Saturday night (undoubtedly after a long work week). A friend is throwing a huge party for the big game, or a birthday, or just because, you know, it’s Saturday. So… read more