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Spin Up a Sparkly Storm with the Ice Ribbon Twirler

Kids can show off their best ribbon-dancing moves!

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Zing’s Firetek Zyclone Is Not Your Typical Dart Slinger

Things just got a whole lot more twisted. The Firetek Zyclone, from Zing Toys, is a new light-up ring blaster for kids ages 6 and up. The blaster, which includes one launcher and one fire-glow… read more

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Surprise Big Kids with These Awesome High Tech Toys

Finding the perfect gifts certainly doesn’t get any easier as your kids grow up, and it’ll take more than a simple teddy bear to bring a light to your big kids’ eyes this holiday season!… read more

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Laser Pegs Lights Up Both Land and Air with 3-in-1 Vehicles

  Zippy Do is the newest creation from Laser Pegs. The Zippy Do comes packaged as a car, but it can also be transformed into a helicopter or jet plane. Kids can also convert the Zippy Do packaging… read more

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