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Make Spelling Fun with Speak and Spell

One of the earliest computerized learning systems, the Speak & Spell helps kids learn to spell using a speech synthesizer.

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Wag Your Tail: The Original Pound Puppies Are Back!

This classic ’80s toy is back and ready to be adopted into a loving home!

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Blast Back to the ’80s with Mini Arcade Games

Why did the frogger cross the road? To hop back in time to the ’80s! What goes around comes around, and if Stranger Things is any indication, the decade of big hair and neon buzzing arcade… read more

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Teddy Ruxpin Brings Back All the Warm, Fuzzy Feels

Hibernation isn’t meant for every bear. Teddy Ruxpin is back, and everyone is freaking out! It was the product reveal heard all around the Javits Center during Toy Fair back in February: Teddy Ruxpin has returned,… read more

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The Best Toys from the ’80s Are Back

As a child of the ’80s, I am way older than most of the Toy Insider review team. When I make references to ’80s pop culture in our office, I’m usually on the receiving end… read more

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Fashion Plates Are Still Tops for Fun and Easy Creative Play

One of my favorite toys as a child of the ’80s was Fashion Plates. So simple, yet so fun, Fashion Plates lets kids design their own outfit combinations, add fresh patterns and colors, and show… read more

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