Kiwi Baby Swing

If you have little ones, chances are you’re well aware that the options for baby swings are both limited and dated.

Well, not anymore!

Part of the expanded Swurfer collection, from Flybar, the Kiwi Baby Swing offers a fresh design that brings a mix of safety, style, and comfort to the baby swing category. Just as the original Swurfer reinvented the classic tree swing by combining elements of swings and board sports, the Kiwi reinvents the baby swing with premium materials, including a mildew-resistant EVA foam liner and soft, braided rope that’s gentle on little hands. Designed for babies ages 6 months to 4 years, the Kiwi can be hung almost anywhere, including trees, existing swing sets, under a porch, and even indoors.

“We diligently and meticulously worked at expanding the Swurfer collection and when it came to developing the Kiwi, we just wanted to create the cutest, comfiest and safest baby swing on the planet. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Rob Bertschy, Swurfer inventor and general manager.

The ergonomic shell design cradles babies comfortably while the three-point harness — made with UV-resistant fabric — keeps them safely and snugly strapped in.

The Kiwi Baby Swing is available in three colors — Clearwater Blue, Swurfer Green, and Pastel Pink — and is available now from the official website and at select specialty retailers.