Who knew knocking down cups could be so intense?

SwipeShot, from Fat Brain Toys, is an active game that challenges players to knock down cups using a plastic ball that’s tethered to a stretchy chord kids wear on their wrists.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, SwipeShot takes just a few minutes to set up and learn. While the game works great outdoors, it really only requires a solid 6 feet or so of floor space, so kids can also play inside on rainy days.

SwipeShot is a two-player game, so kids set up the included cups in a circle and choose the green or blue chord, each complete with a wrist strap on the end. The orange ball hangs from the center, and kids try to pull, move, and swing to get the ball to knock down the other player’s cups first.

The game is super high energy, and players will even learn a little bit about force and motion while they play. It’s also completely open-ended. If kids don’t like to play competitively, they can instead try to work together to see if they can knock the cups down in a certain order. And parents and caregivers will love that the game is challenging and silly enough to enjoy even if you’re a grownup.

SwipeShot comes with a mesh bag so all of the pieces store away when you’re done playing. The game promotes active play, helps with kids’ gross motor skills, coordination, strategic thinking, and so much more. I also love that it’s as simple or complicated as you want it to be!

SwipeShot is the perfect game to keep kids busy, learning, and moving.