Desserts come and go, but dessert toys are here to stay. Cupcake decorating is a true art form, but what happens when your works of art get a bite taken out of them? Toy companies are whipping up some sweet toys that ensure kids’ cupcake art lasts a lifetime. And unlike regular dessert making, this new kit involves glitter and a strobe light, but we’ll get to that fab detail later. 

Alex Brands baked up Sweetlings Sprinkle Shop so kids can play cupcake decorator and make their very own dessert friends. This Sprinkle Shop workstation includes two toy cupcakes and a cone for kids to personalize. Kids get to do more than just frost them, however. With punch-out shapes and stickers, these are more than just dessert collectibles—they are sweet treat pals with personality. Kids will get to create and accessorize GEEKling, JAMMIN’ JASling, and SUGAR POPling.

The first step is to set up the Sprinkle Shop, which should take no longer than five minutes.  Once everything is assembled, it’s time to place the Sweetling figure on the turntable and get icing. And don’t worry, the clay frosting and plastic accessories make it obvious to kids that this is not for eating.

TBH I was a little nervous I would have an epic fail when it came to frosting these bad boys with the clay frosting. I have no skills in the kitchen besides eating. Luckily, the frosting tubes are very easy to use. No artistic experience is necessary to make beautiful cupcake designs. The instruction booklet even provides easy-to-follow steps on how to make a swirl or pointy peaks with the icing tubes. I felt like a true Cake Boss. To spice up the frosting process even more, kids can choose from a French tip, star tip, or round tip nozzle to place on the icing tube and choose from pink, yellow and blue icing. While kids are encouraged to make their Sweetlings look like the characters depicted on the box (*cough* GEEKling), kids are free to design their Sweetlings however they want.

As the icing comes out, it will be wet, similar to glue. This is the time to decorate the Sweetlings with the punch out accessories. Using the tweezers included in the set, kids can add eyes, a mouth, and plastic sprinkles on the Sweetling without getting their hands sticky. After the desired pieces have been added, kids can add some of the other plastic pieces included, such as the tablet (yes, even Sweetlings need a tablet). Kids can then add the fun heart and bandage stickers to the base, or the non-clay part of the Sweetling.

Now it’s time to add the final pizazz with the glitterizer! THIS IS THE BEST PART! Kids can release star-shaped glitter from a cupcake compartment attached to the station and turn on a flashing strobe light (3 AA batteries are needed to make the light work, however, the rest of the set is still functional without batteries). TBH, it’s like a fashion show for cupcakes with all the glitter and lights — work it GEEKling. YASSSS, this is your moment to shine.

Kids will love being able to play with their Sweetling figures. And, additional Sweetlings can be purchased for kids to make on their own or to be used in the Sprinkle Shop. Despite being inedible, these treats are super sweet!