Top 2016 Toys Imagine walking into a candy store and inhaling the sugary scent of gummy candies, or going to grandma’s house and smelling her homemade chocolate chip cookies, or breathing in the fresh fragrance of slice watermelon during a summer picnic.

With the Sweet Scented Pets by Pillow Pets, kids can carry these comforting scents with them wherever they go, in the form of a fluffy little friend. These adorable little guys smell superb. Each Sweet Scented Pet comes with a patch on its arm that smells of deliciousness. This is the only place the scent is located, in order to keep the smell from being overpowering. Kids can choose from five different pets. CookiePup is a brown puppy with a cookie and chocolate chip-patterned belly, who smells like fresh home-baked chocolate chip cookies. GummiPup is a purple puppy, with an adorable green patch over one if its eyes, a gummy bear-patterned belly, and has the fruity scent of the favorite colorful gummy candy. PupCake is a pink puppy with a cupcake patterned belly, and the delicious scent of vanilla frosted cupcakes. Watermelon Candy Ladybug is a pink ladybug with a flower on her head, flowers on her arms, and wafts of watermelon candy; and Cotton Candy Unicorn, who smells of fresh cotton candy being spun at a fair, features white fur with a shock of pink hair. These scented pets are available year round, and new “flavors” will be added seasonally.

And the fun doesn’t stop with the sweet scents. The pillow pets are also super soft, adorable, convenient for traveling, and make the perfect bedtime buddy. Traveling with young kids can be tough, but having a travel buddy can help. The Sweet Scented Pets are small enough to not be a hassle to carry through crowded places such as airports. Having these pets while traveling can be comforting for kids and help them get through the long day.

When the pets aren’t being used as companions, they can be easily transformed into pillows. I remember trying to sleep on my favorite stuffed animals as a kid, and them being extremely uncomfortable. Pillow Pets are the solution to this problem. They can be a kid’s favorite stuffed animal, and at the same time, comfortable enough to sleep on when they’re ready for a nap or bedtime. To transform from pet to pillow, kids just need to undo the Velcro strap on the bottom, and voila! The pet unfolds to be a perfect sized pillow for little heads.

The Sweet Scented Pets by Pillow Pets are perfect for playtime, travel time, sleep time, or really anytime. Kids will find a friend in these pets as they are perfect as a toy as well a pillow. The soft texture, bright colors, and amazing scents make it hard to put them down for long.