calico critters

Knock knock! The Calico Critters’ village is expanding once again with a quaint addition to the neighborhood.

Kids can welcome their Calico Critters to the newest abode in town with the Sweet Raspberry Home, from Epoch Everlasting Play. This cozy cottage matches the detail and the design from other town residence play sets.

The Sweet Raspberry Home fits right into the Village with its charming, pitched red roof; slated yellow exterior; a cute porch out front; wooden parquet floors; and a blank interior room. Since the room is open, it is up to kids to get creative and use a bit of imagination to discover what this room can be — a kitchen, a living room, a country bathroom, or even a baby nursery using additional furniture sets (all sold separately).

The Sweet Raspberry Home play set includes furnishings for a nursery with a two-in-one bed and an attached slide, plus a Grace Hopscotch Rabbit baby figure. The posable rabbit can relax on the bed, climb its stairs, go down the slide, and enjoy scenic views off the porch. For additional fun, kids can combine the home with different furniture and family sets to fill out this cozy haven.

calico critters

The play set features door openings, floor slots, and an open roof so kids ages 3 and up can connect and add existing Calico Critters sets. By combining the play set with the Red Roof Cozy Cottage and the Red Roof Country Home, kids can create a three-story cozy country abode, a perfect home for all of their cute Critters.

Like other Calico Critters sets, the Sweet Raspberry Home is sturdy and has plenty of intricate details, such as the mail slot on the door and the etched shutters that add to its country charm in the Village.